The root of this question is “Who and/or what is my rule of faith and practice? Who do I trust to set my moral standards?”

The above question might be reworded as a statement: “It doesn’t matter who I love, just so long as I love someone & remain faithful.”

Using this same logic, others might well rationalize:
It doesn’t matter who I worship, just so I worship some thing or some body.
It doesn’t matter if I bow down to images, as long as they represent the true God.
It doesn’t matter if I cuss a little, as long as it is in good humor.
It doesn’t matter upon which day I worship, just so long as I do worship.
It doesn’t matter if I dishonor my parents, if they haven’t earned my respect.
It doesn’t really matter if I kill, if someone really deserves to die.
It doesn’t matter if we have premarital sex. We’re going to get married anyway.
It doesn’t matter if I steal from the rich, as long as it is for a worthy cause.
It doesn’t matter if I tell a lie, just so long as it is a “little white lie.”
It doesn’t matter if I lust over pornography (covet). It’s private and hurts no one.

In judging between right and wrong, it is usually helpful to pursue the answer through such a consistent line of logical thinking, following it through to its conclusion. In addition, an authoritative standard should be used, such as the word of God – the Bible. The above rationalizations were each based upon one of God’s ten commandments, the breaking of which were apparently justified in the same manner as “What’s wrong with a monogamous gay relationship?”

Now let’s consider, At what point should the line be drawn for “meaningful relationships?” Our Creator’s standard is for the union of one man with one woman, for life. If we do not accept His standard, then whose standard do we accept? Upon what basis do we even make a standard? If homosexual relationships are to be looked upon as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, by what authority do we accept this as a viable standard? And where then should the boundaries be placed for “acceptable” relationships? With gays and with lesbians? What about men/boy relationships? What about pedophiles with consenting children? What about incest between consenting family members? How far down do we go if we do not accept our Creator’s authoritative standard?

Another point to consider is this. How many homosexuals wait until “marriage” before becoming sexually active? How many gays wait until commitment before having sexual encounters with prospective lovers? God’s plan does not allow for sex outside of the marriage institution, neither pre-marital nor extra-marital. After all, sex is a poor foundation upon which to build an eternal relationship for any two people. Most homosexuals tend to shop around sexually before settling into a “permanent” relationship. Therefore, the gay marriage, or union, usually begins on the wrong foot even if the marriage were to be otherwise acceptable with God. Of what value, then, is a “monogamous” gay relationship when everything about it is in contradiction with the will of the Creator of sex and marriage?

For a further in depth examination of this issue, please watch for my upcoming-featured article, “Gay Monogamy.” In the mean time,

All Power to you!