Question: “What would be the best way to share your information with a gay friend? Quite frankly, I don’t know if he wants to change. One thing I know for sure is that God does not create people as homosexuals or lesbians. Please give me your input.”

Reply: True, God does not create homosexuals or lesbians. If so, the Bible would be condemning the works of God Himself. If your friend is content with his lifestyle and does not want to change or to investigate available help, then God Himself has to wait. A person must recognize His need and acknowledge that need before God can be of assistance. “Only acknowledge thine iniquity, …and I will heal your backsliding” He says in Jeremiah 3. In other words, “Acknowledge that your homosexuality is a sin issue, and then I can heal you.”

You, however, can pray that God will do whatever it takes to get your friends attention, to help him recognize and acknowledge his need.

If you can get your friend to read my book and/or to visit my web site, I think he will find much interesting material there to consider.

All Power to you!