Question: “What about pedophiles? Seems like this sin is even more addicting and heinous.”

Reply: I agree. We can always find a sin more disgusting than our own. I remember shortly after my conversion 15 years ago all the slander and rumors that were being circulated about me. I laughed it all off, saying, “There’s nothing they can say that can be worse than the truth about my past.”

Then someone informed me that among the rumors was the insinuation that I was not safe company in the presence of children! “By the way”, one minister told the mother of a family I was preparing for baptism, “you’d better keep your children away from this man.” I was shocked and extremely disturbed.

“Do you mean to tell me,” I asked the informant, “that they believe I was a pedophile!!??”

“That’s what they’re saying,” he said.

I was so disgusted and disturbed. I couldn’t imagine being that way myself. It hurt me very deeply. And yet, the nature of my past lifestyle was just as evil in the sight of the Lord. Somehow I was always able to diminish my guilt by thinking, “Well, at least I’m not a pedophile! That’s sick!!”

Aren’t we funny about our own sins? I believe we can always find someone else’s behavior to be worse than our own in our efforts to feel less guilty about our own failures and besetting sins. But sin is sin. One can miss out on heaven for lack of overcoming socially acceptable sins just as easily as he can lose out over what we label as disgusting sins.

You use an interesting expression, “addicting”, when referring to these types of sins. I agree whole-heartedly that homosexuality is an addiction, just as is pedophilia. But then, is not all sin addictive? That’s why the Bible speaks of being in bondage to sin and Satan, etc., because sin is addictive.

But to answer your question, (finally…), I truly believe that the addiction of the pedophile can be broken just as that of any other sin. Otherwise, we take the position that “That Kind Can Never Change!” That position exhibits one’s having a form of godliness, denying the power thereof.

I stand by the theme of my ministry: “Our God is mighty to save, the ‘whosoevers’, from ‘whatsoever’, even ‘to the uttermost” – the pedophile included.

All Power to you!