Testimonial: I have more of a remark than a question. For a long time now, I was struggling with the burden of unwanted sexual sins. I’d seemingly gain victories (so I thought), only to find myself crashing down to defeat again. Bible promises were repeated, agonized prayers were offered, but to no avail. I believed I was trusting Jesus, and looking to Him for salvation, — but I was ignoring a very fundamental issue that I didn’t realize was standing in the way of God’s help and grace. It was my diet — rich in spicy sauces, gravies, meats, pizzas, rich cheeses, sweets, Cokes, Pepsi’s, even an occasional beer. Also I liked to ‘stuff’ myself so full, I could hardly walk! All of these pleasures were hindrances to gaining the total victory over my besetting sins. It wasn’t until I started heeding the Scriptural counsel offered in the book ‘Counsels on Diet and Foods’, that I started to gain true victories in my battles. A simple diet is advised, free from those elements that harm the digestive system and body as a whole.

I also noticed the Biblical mandates offered in God’s Word for living a healthful live. I would suggest every one of your readers take a long, intense inventory of their dietary lifestyle, and see if it measures up to God’s original plan. Fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, pure water, and a temperate intake routine has helped me take hold of the rich source of power offered by Christ in His Holy Word, now that my mind is freed from the enervating and debilitating habits of my former live.

Please examine this point of view, ‘Pastor Ron’. Of course, diet is not the sole answer to the problems we face, nor is it the one single key to victory, but possibly we ourselves are the biggest obstacles to God’s plan for our lives.

Reply: Wow! You hit one nail right on the head. That is great insight on your part, T_____! You are absolutely right. As you have read in the book “Counsels on Diet and Foods”, I’m sure, there is much counsel about the influence of intemperance on behavior, how it actually brings out the animal instincts in mankind.

Thank you for your thoughts. You make a very good and important point.

“Victor J. Adamson” (Pastor Ron)