Response to the Ten Commandments Commission

The following is an appeal to pastors made by the Ten Commandments Commission entitled, “AMERICA IS AT A CROSSROADS!”. It is followed by my reply, “TO DISPLAY, OR TO OBEY?!”:


Dear Friend:

Our nation is at a crossroads. The Supreme Court recently ruled against Ten Commandments displays in courthouses in Kentucky and Texas. Liberal “civil liberties” groups have threatened lawsuits against communities all over the nation, intimidating city officials into removing Ten Commandments monuments that have stood for nearly 50 years. These and a host of disturbing trends we witness daily throughout our culture clearly show us that our nation is rapidly forsaking the Judeo-Christian principles upon which it was founded. Pastor, THESE ARE THE VERY VALUES THROUGH WHICH GOD HAS BLESSED OUR NATION FOR OVER 200 YEARS.

But there is something you can do. We founded the Ten Commandments Commission to facilitate a broad-based, unified expression of our national commitment to God’s Commandments and His eternal authority. And on Sunday, February 5, 2006, Christians and Jews from around this nation and world will celebrate Ten Commandments Day, a day in which all who are concerned about maintaining God’s righteous standard join together in a massive and unified show of support.

We would be honored if your church or ministry would join in this unparalleled display of support for the Judeo-Christian values and principles so vital to America’s continued blessings from God….

We have also developed a dynamic symbol — the Ten Commandments Pin — that uniquely expresses the reverences generations of Americans have felt for the Ten Commandments and the Judeo-Christian values that have guided our nation from its inception. This fine piece of pendant jewelry, with its striking gold and silver tones, will help your church members and supporters demonstrate their allegiance to God’s eternal authority…

Friend, the time is NOW for all of us to stand in unity for God’s righteous standard as represented by His Ten Commandments. Why not join us today!

Ron Wexler, President/CEO

Pastor Myles Munroe, Chairman

The Ten Commandments Commission


Reply: Hello, Pastor Myles Munroe:

I am excited about the attention being generated regarding the Ten Commandments and their positive role in the history of our country.

On your web site I saw this statement, “We must not let the opponents of traditional values succeed.”

I would like to suggest that we as ministers not hold to our own traditional values above the very Ten Commandments law that we so zealously want to protect. We need to be just as zealous in keeping all ten of the commandments as we are in displaying them. It saddens me to see so much energy spent on defending the right to display these Ten Commandments, when in the next breath we might suggest that the law of Ten Commandments was nailed to the cross if anyone points to the 4th one…!! (Which, by the way, is also Judeo-Christian…) I truly do not believe the Lord can bless our efforts if we are not consistent. We should not take such a bold stand to display 10 commandments if we only accept the authority of 9 of them, do you think? It is a weak argument that states the 4th commandment to be Jewish and the other 9 to be Judeo-Christian. If the 4th commandment is Jewish Law, then the other 9 must also be Jewish Law. How do you convince someone from the world otherwise?

As I was struggling to accept Jesus some few years ago as my personal Savior from sin (sin being “the transgression of the law), I was constantly thrown backward by the inconsistencies I saw within the messages of those who strongly stated that I needed to obey the commandments of God and repent of my homosexuality (7th commandment), while they openly taught that the law was nailed to the cross if I asked about the 4th commandment.

The people of the world, as I was at that time, clearly see these types of inconsistencies and turn from the “hypocrisy” of Christianity in disgust. As I chose to acknowledge the authority of God in all 10 of His commandments, He then gave me complete victory over my life of violating the 7th commandment. Fourteen years now I have been “free indeed”, as the Bible says of those set free by the Son. Should I ever renounce His authority in the 4th commandment as “Jewish law and tradition”, I would have no assurance of His sustaining grace regarding any of the other 9 commandments.

Please, think on these things. And God bless you as you continue to uphold as well as display His authority so clearly revealed to us in all 10 of His commandments. “If you love me,” he says, “keep (not just display) my commandments….”

“Behold, to obey, (not display), is better than sacrifice…” 1 Samuel 15:22


Victor J. Adamson