First of all, we have to acknowledge that no one receives a spotless character as an inheritance from his parents, or as a gift from any other human being. The Apostle Paul counsels, “…that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.” (Eph. 4:24)

A noble life and character is received as the gift of God through Jesus Christ. Those who receive Jesus as their Savior from sin, including the sin of homosexuality, become sons and daughters of God. They are His spiritual children, born again, renewed in a life of doing right according to His standard, not that of the ever increasingly degenerate world. They accept and receive the divine power, or grace, of God. In cooperation with the proposition to “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,” (Philippians 2:5), their minds are changed. With clearer vision they can see the evil of their homosexuality in light of eternal realities. They are adopted into God’s family, and they become conformed to His likeness and changed by the working of His Spirit from victory to victory against homosexual tendencies and temptations. From cherishing supreme love for self, (the root of homosexuality, as well as of all other sin), they come to cherish supreme love for God and for Christ. . . .

Accepting Jesus Christ as a personal Savior from the sin of homosexuality, and following His example of self-denial in the area of sexual gratification—this is the secret of success in battling homosexual tendencies and temptations.

Overcoming homosexuality is not the result of depending upon one’s feelings; it is the result of surrendering all to God; it is living by “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”; it is doing the will of our heavenly Father; it is trusting in God in trial and temptation, believing in His promise in the darkness as well as in the light. A successful relationship with Jesus results from walking by faith, as well as by sight, trusting in God with all confidence, and resting in His love.

A genuine victor over homosexuality is one who is changed from within as well as in outward behavior, one who guards his thoughts as well as his actions, one who is entirely and without reserve the Lord’s, not in form, but in truth. Every impurity of thought, every lustful passion, separates the soul from God; for Christ can never put His robe of righteousness upon a homosexual sinner, to hide his abnormal sexual orientation. . . .

There must be an ongoing, progressive work of triumph over evil, of sympathy with good, of reflecting the character of Jesus. We must walk in the light of truth, which will increase and grow brighter from day to day until complete and total victory is achieved. This is real, substantial growth, which will finally result in attaining to the full stature of men and women in Jesus Christ. . . .

Conformity to the likeness of Christ’s character, overcoming all sin and temptation, walking in the fear of God, setting the Lord continually before us, will bring peace and joy on earth, and ensure us pure happiness in heaven.

All Power to you!