Question: “Is California’s Proposition 8 really an attack against diversity?”

Prop 8 and the Need for Diversity

by Tim Wilkins

WAKE FOREST, NC— Voting “yes” on PROPOSITION 8 will define marriage by adding 14 words to California’s State Constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

Some argue that voting for Prop 8 is an attack against diversity – i.e. a ban on “same-sex marriage”. Opponents of Prop 8 argue that not recognizing “same-sex marriages” undermines the need for diversity.

Tim Wilkins, a speaker and writer, has an interesting “take” on California’s current confusion.

“A defeat of Prop 8 would require the word ‘married’ to be qualified by either ‘to a person of the opposite gender’ or ‘to a person of the same gender,’” says Wilkins. While at first glance such qualifiers appear to promote diversity, Wilkins says voting for the proposition will ensure just the opposite – the need for diversity. How so?

Says Wilkins, “Americans, particularly Californians, need to be reminded that ‘same-sex marriage’ lacks the very diversity it seeks to promote. A ‘same-sex marriage’ is characterized by sameness whereas a husband-wife marriage is characterized by difference or diversity.”

“The prefix ‘homo’ means same while ‘hetero’ means different. Most Americans know that. What many Americans may not know is the fundamental meaning of ‘diversity.’”

Definitions include “differing from one another” (Merriam Webster) and “The fact or quality of being different” (American Heritage Dictionary). Synonyms of diversity are also of interest: varied, different, distinct, unlike, dissimilar, and “noticeable heterogeneity” (

“Notice that last synonym ‘noticeable heterogenity,’” says Wilkins, who just returned from a 19-day speaking tour in Hong Kong where he addressed homosexuality in multiple venues. “Do you know that ‘heterogeneity’ comes from the same root word from which we get the word heterosexual”?

“Diversity, in its purest form, is marked by difference, which is found in the union of a husband and wife. To define diversity – or marriage – any other way is to alter its meaning.

Tim Wilkins directs – an evangelical outreach to gays and lesbians. Wilkins is married (to a person of the opposite gender). He and his wife have three daughters.

This article is by Tim Wilkins