Statement: “I fear that your statements foster internal homophobia.”

“Dear Victor, I was reading your website again today and became troubled by the passage below. It seems to indicate that being whole, happy and filled with purpose are incompatible with being gay. I don’t find the two being mutually exclusive. The message that you can’t be whole and gay, or gay and fully Christian troubles me in as much as I think some people actually believe it, and I fear that it fosters internal homophobia.”

The quote in question: “Today, after a determined struggle to understand and to overcome his homosexuality, Victor J. Adamson lives a totally new life filled with purpose, genuine love, joy, and peace. No longer walking in confusion, frustration, and despair, he lives a full and productive life as a husband and father.

“It is his desire to draw from his own life and experience to show others how they, too, can be made whole.”

Reply: I don’t quite see in my statements what you see. But I do stand by what I wrote and believe it wholeheartedly. And I’m not homophobic in the least. Homophobia means fear of homosexuality. In my ministry to homosexuals, I have coined the phrase “homo-agapic”. I am ministering to those within the homosexual community that do not wish to be homosexual, that know that it is a “sin” issue, that want freedom from their bondage to this sin just as others want freedom from their particular besetting sins, that want to walk in harmony with the will of God for their lives. All these desires for change I once had for myself when I was in bondage to the sin of homosexuality. So, I know what I’m talking about, and I know many people who are in harmony with these same desires.

I do not minister out of fear of homosexuals nor fear of homosexuality. Rather, I minister out of love, compassion, and concern. It puzzles me that any time anyone speaks out against the “sin” of homosexuality he is thought of as being homophobic. I don’t think Jesus was homophobic. I don’t think he was “adultery-phobic” when He told Mary to “Go, and sin no more.” I don’t think He was phobic when He told the paralytic to “sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” I don’t think God was homophobic when He denounced homosexuality as an abomination or when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He simply wants His creation to act in accordance with His original plan and design and purpose for their creation.

I am not convinced that the apostle Paul was homophobic, afraid of homosexuals and homosexuality, when he said in Romans 1 that God gave them up, (those who refused His grace, His power to give them victory), gave them up to uncleanness, unto vile affections, and over to a reprobate mind. Nor do I believe God Himself was homophobic in eventually giving them up to their lusts as Paul stated. When artists and composers and inventors, etc., are not satisfied with how their product turns out or works, they generally destroy their work and start over, because that work is not in harmony with what they have in mind.

In light of all that the Bible says about homosexuality, I do not see how anyone can possibly truly believe that the gay lifestyle offers “wholeness”, and that it can possibly be in harmony with true “Christianity”. The term “Christian” denotes discipleship, discipline, one who follows after the example of Christ. Homosexuality in no way complies with His life and example, nor with His expressed will and counsel.

Of course, there are those that say, “Well, neither does marriage, and heterosexual behavior. Jesus never married, and I can’t picture Him having sex with a woman.” (Of course, that was before the Da Vinci Code…) But I would have to take issue with that rationalization also, because although Jesus was never married, He certainly put His stamp of approval upon marriage during His ministry on earth, in His parables, and in the fact that He created marriage in the first place, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Homosexuality can not be fruitful and multiply… It is a perversion of that which God created to be beautiful, enjoyable, and to be a blessing to others in pro-creating and in perpetuating the human race. And the homosexual act never results in pro-creation, neither does it contribute to the perpetuation of the human race. It is based upon self-gratification and is a dead end street.

Actually, this raises an interesting question in my mind. How can homosexuality be genetic, passed on, inherited if homosexual behavior is not an act of pro-creation…!!?? No homosexual is the child, grand child, or great grand child of a “homosexual encounter”. So, how can he inherit his homosexuality? In all honesty, we must recognize and acknowledge homosexuality to simply be a perversion of God’s gift of sexuality.

You speak of “internal homophobia”. I’m not sure what that means. But there certainly is nothing wrong with hating sin. Jesus hated sin, but He loved the sinner. God told us in Genesis 3:15 that He Himself would create a hatred in the hearts of His people for sin and Satan when He said, “I will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman, between thy seed and her seed.”

My friend, so many people of your persuasion tell me how they “feel” about homosexuality, that they “believe” it is OK, that they “feel” loved and accepted by God as they are, and that God does not expect or desire them to change. My question, or challenge, or respectful request is simply this, “Show me from the Word of God my error.” “Show me a ‘plain thus saith the Lord’ that justifies, condones, blesses, rewards, or excuses homosexuality in any way, shape or form.” I will then be silenced forever and cease to instill in others an “internal homophobia”.

In Christian love and acceptance, but believing in and experiencing the transforming power of God,