Question: “As a gay man with a partner and an adopted son, suppose I was willing to follow your advice, how do you suppose it would affect my relationship with my partner and my child? How do you suppose it would affect my family? Also, supposing I was not willing to follow your advice, what would the Earthly consequences be?”

Reply: In response to your latest questions, if you were willing to follow my advice, which I believe is Biblical counsel, then the relationship with your partner would have to come to an end. Your friendship would have to become a distant one, in order to not place yourself into the path of temptation. Your adopted child would still be your child, of course. And, if legally adopted, he would probably be the beneficiary of a joint custody, as with other children of divorced parents.

In the Bible we read of a very difficult separation called for by God Himself, because the marriage was without His sanction. This situation also involved an innocent child, but the Lord required a separation nonetheless. You can read the story of Abraham and Hagar and Ishmael in the book of Genesis, chapter 21.

There are many gay couples that go through this situation based upon just a desire to separate, or divorce. If your desire is to separate for spiritual reasons, the Lord will bless you and help you through the difficult issues. Sooner or later your child will be asking you the tough questions, even if you and your partner choose to stay together. I believe he would respect you greatly in the end upon discovering that your decision was based upon a desire to follow the Lord.

Supposing you would not choose to follow my advice, I cannot predict what the Earthly consequences might be. It could be that you would not realize any noticeable earthly consequences at all. It could be that your partnership could fall apart down the road for other reasons, leaving you to face the same questions you have posed to me, but for other than spiritual reasons. Only God knows what your earthly consequences might be.

But, friend, it is the Eternal Realities that really matter, is it not? This life is but a fleeting moment. There is an eternity to win or loose, depending upon choices you now face…

All Power to you,