Question: “How do I reach out to a very angry loved one who is resistant to Christianity and to help in overcoming his life of self-destruction and degradation?” (Synopsis)

Reply: This is really a tough situation of which you speak. But there is nothing too tough for God. Through your unconditional love and persistent intercessory prayer He can do marvelous things to get the attention of your loved ones. In short, my counsel to you would be to just be yourself — consistently a loving and lovable Christian, for it has been rightly stated that “The strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian.” (ST 8/12/08)

Never forget that “The Christian is the world’s light, and the only Bible that many read. Thru Christians men see God. How careful, then, should those be who have taken the name of Christian.” (ST 7/10/01)

All Power to you!