On a recent radio show I was asked the question, “How did the term “Gay” become associated with homosexuals?” I had to admit that I really had no idea; that I, too, had asked that question many times. So, I invited anyone with that information to call into the show and share with us, or to email the answer to me.

A couple days later I received the following reply from Dr. Neil Whitehead, co-author of the book “My Genes Made Me Do It”, also published by Huntington House Publishers & Vital Issues Press.

“Hi! And, good to follow you on the Radio again! According to Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse, (“A Symbolic Confusion”), “Gay” was used in 1940 in NY as a term for effeminate male homosexuals in theater and nightclubs. Other homosexuals were highly insulted. However it seems they eventually adopted the term. It had acquired a bad connotation by the 17th Century, being a euphemism for “immoral” and those generally addicted to social pleasures and dissipations.
Blessings, Neil”

Thank you, Neil Whitehead

There you have it. If anyone else has something to share on this subject, please feel free to email your comments to vja@victorjadamson.com

All Power to you!