Comments: “My husband and I were at the It Is Written Monterey Partnership this past weekend. We bought your book and we each read it separately – not able to put it down after starting it . . . for we saw in print, for the first time – that someone else in the world was feeling exactly how my husband had felt for 20 years, being addicted to pornography and self-abuse. He had promised God for years that he would stop this behavior after each fall from grace . . . but the promises were empty promises and after a while he said he felt that there was no hope for him and no hope for eternal life because he surely must have commited the unpardonable sin by now! Life was empty, and sad and hopeless. Then . . . I (the wife) found out about his addiction! Counseling was a helpful start . . . but your book has been the assurance that we both needed that there is hope for ANY kind of sinner . . . that God is mourning the separation that choosing sin causes from ANY of his dear children and that WE CAN CHOOSE to live every moment HIS way and He wants us back still.

Thank you, thank you for writing your book and sharing your feelings in such depth. The last chapter with the list of suggestions for overcoming are also much appreciated.


“Two from California.”