Plea for Help: “Due to therapy and counseling my son is beginning to believe he is bi-sexual or homosexual. I need suggestions and help.”

Comments: “My oldest son is nearly 17. He was convicted of child molestation at the age of 14 for teaching his stepbrother to masturbate. Now, because of the sex offender treatment program and therapy, he is beginning to believe he is bi-sexual or homosexual. Because of the rejection from our church, he does not believe or trust Christians any longer. I need suggestions and help. Thank you.”

Reply: Dear ____:

As wrong as your son was in teaching his stepbrother to masturbate, he needs to know that it was not necessarily an act of homosexuality. Many, many young people experiment with masturbation, unfortunately, and it does have its consequences because it is sin, and it must be overcome by the Christian. The stigma your son has is that of being registered as a sex offender, which I think is unfortunate, because he, too, was but a child when this occurred. What he needed was counsel, not stigma. Jesus told Mary, who was an adult guilty of breaking the same commandment, “Neither do I condemn thee. Go, and sin no more.”

I am also disappointed that the church would give your son the sense of rejection. The church should be like a hospital. It should be a place for reproof, correction, instruction, (1 Tim. 3:16,17), for it is a place to feed on the word. It is to be a place of nurturing and healing of the spiritually ill. Your son should be able to find within the church people who love him and have compassion on him, for that is what being Christ-like is all about.

If your son would like to communicate with someone regarding his troubles, I would be happy to receive his email and try to point him in the right direction. He is old enough to read my book and visit my web site, which he can do privately without any embarrassment or intimidation. There is much that he can relate to there. You see, as a young person, I, too, was introduced to improper sexual behavior, and it almost ruined my life. In fact, it did for many years. I write about this in my book. I really think he ought to read it. There he will find someone with whom he can relate, someone who went through what he has, to some extent, and has been able to rise above it all and go on with life as a healthy, happy, joyful Christian.

Your son, too, can be made whole! He can grow to be a blessing to society, having peace within.

All Power to you!