Question: “Don’t gays have the same right to marry as straight people? Isn’t forbidding gays to marry a violation of their human rights?”

Reply: To answer your questions: No, and No again. I know that’s simplistic, but it’s correct.

Gays do have legitimate human rights, but they do not have the right to demand legislation to support them in something not approved of by society at large and that is clearly condemned in the Bible. Gays do have the right to be left alone, to live as they choose. But what I have observed is that the Gay Agenda is never satisfied.

First they wanted to be tolerated. They are tolerated.

Then they wanted to be accepted. They are accepted.

Next they wanted to be celebrated. Thanks to Bill Clinton, they now have the entire month of June every year to celebrate their Gay Pride, while all the Presidents are lumped into one Presidents Day, Mothers and Fathers and Christmas and Easter, etc. all get only one day. But homosexuals get an entire month!!! (By the way, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their pride… Ezekiel 16:49)

Gays then pushed for promotion of homosexuality. It’s now promoted, throughout the media and the education system and in various other ways and means.

Gays want to be “privileged” and are now classified as a “minority” being given special protections and privileges above society at large.

But that’s not enough! Gays now want control and are lobbying for hate speech and hate crimes laws to prevent others from exercising their rights of free speech while gays boldly and openly say and do anything they want insensitive, at times, to the feelings and beliefs of others around them in public, and claim that crimes against gays are something more appalling than crimes against any other person in society. That’s elitism!!

Finally, the Gay Agenda is now seeking legislation to sanction their lifestyle. Marriage was created by God in Eden to be between one man and one woman for, among other things, the purpose of pro-creation, to populate the planet. “Be fruitful and multiply”, God said. It seems presumptuous and preposterous that the Gay Agenda would be so bold as to now seek the blessing of God upon a union that He so plainly condemns in the Bible, by seeking legislation that would allow them to marry.

You see, E___, it appears to me that the Gay Community is never to be satisfied; no, not until they have taken control. If you will read Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, you will read about another character who had the same mindset and how God had to deal with him.

Please don’t think me callous because of my expression of my view here. For years I lived in a gay relationship like marriage, with joint checking accounts, co-ownership with a home, visitation rights at the hospital, able to include my lover in my will, etc. Legalized marriage would have given me nothing I did not already have. Gay Marriage today is nothing more nor less than political posturing and publicity. As I said, I used to be Gay. And it was my study of God’s Word that helped me see how blind I had been all those years, living in prideful defiance of society and in prideful rebellion against and defiance of God’s expressed will for mankind and for my life in particular.

Now, as Jesus said to Mary: “Neither do I condemn thee. Go, and sin no more!”

“Victor J. Adamson”