Question: “I am a 52 y/o homosexual. I have been attracted to males for as long as I can remember. With total reliance on God and trust in his promise to give me the powerer to overcome all sin, I married a wonderfull girl. We had known each other from childhood and were best friends. She is very beautifull with a character to match. We were married for 20 years and had 3 children. I was emotionaly in love with her but found sex very distastfull – it actualy became a nightmare for me. I only found my wife to be attractive to me when she was clothed.

“I trusted God completely and prayed constantly for strength and his help to change. Nothing happened and after 20 years of this my wife and I seperated. Towards the end of our marriage the stress and struggle had almost destroyed our physical and mental health. She has remarried but we are still best friends.

“I now have a same sex relationship and feel happy and fullfilled. I still trust God to lead me in my life. My question is – should I have persevered with my marriage until my family and myself were totally destroyed? Maybe it is true ‘only a few are chosen’.

“I will challenge anyone to dispute the fact that I trusted completely in Gods power to change me according to his will.”

Reply: Hello, I___: Your situation seems to mirror my own past. I, too, gave up on God’s ability to save me from homosexuality and brought to an end my own marriage, for all the same reasons you state in your letter to me. Years later, however, I studied my way to an understanding of God’s will and methods in regard to this issue. And I studied my own self, acknowledging my own failures, ceasing to blame God and others. I discovered that there is power in the Word and studied myself right out of homosexuality. The details are too lengthy to put in an email. But let me tell you the results and then make a recommendation.

I have now been married once again, this time for almost 15 years. I am happily married, with 2 new children, and I wouldn’t change my present situation for the old one for anything in the world. God is mighty to save, the whosoevers, from whatsoever, even to the uttermost.

Now, the recommendation: All the details I have written up in my book, which can be obtained online at Also, the accompanying testimony tape would be helpful to you. In addition to that, I recommend that you read everything I have posted on my web site. There’s much helpful information there, more than I can share in an email, and it is free for your perusal and at your leisure.

All Power to you! And I will be praying for you,