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Hi doc,

I’ve been dealing with homosexuality most all my life. I always knew it was wrong and against God, regardless what anyone would say. I take the Word of God very seriously and believe it to be true!…

I have been scoping the web for some possible help and I came across your site. I am usually very reluctant to speak with one I would not know, about this issue. …The reason why I chose to at least contact you is because when I was reading your questions section you had answered a question about the Sabbath…

I’ve been dealing most all my life with this [homosexuality] issue, pleading with God to take it away as a youth, and giving up for years because it just wouldn’t go away… Well, knowing what the Bible said about the issue and the consequences and believing it, I have left the lifestyle. …I am now doing my best to live a life of obedience to God through the Word but I still have my bad days. I may not act upon it, but I am still attracted to men.


Hello, E____:

Thank you for your email letter. I’m impressed that you do want the Word of God to be your rule of faith and practice, regardless of how politically, religiously, or socially “incorrect” it may at times seem to be. The Sabbath issue to me is really a “no-brainer” if one is allowing the Word to speak for itself and to be his infallible guide. Throughout the Bible, the 7th-day Sabbath is highlighted. So, to those who wish to accept another day as holy, I simply ask, “Show me from the Word of God the basis for such a change, and we will then have something to study and discuss.” In other words, if it is not substantiated by God’s Word, then it has no credibility with me.

The Sabbath was created as the 7th day of the week in Genesis 1 & 2. We have no reason to believe all the patriarchs and prophets were not Sabbath keepers. Jesus and His disciples were Sabbath keepers. Jesus declared that He was Lord of the Sabbath day. And John the Revelator, in the last book of the Bible told us how he was in the spirit on “the Lord’s day” — Sabbath. Also, the 7th-day Sabbath was observed throughout Christianity for over 300 years after Jesus’ ascension, and it took a couple centuries for the pagan “Sun-day” to replace it at the hands of Roman Catholicism. And…, Isaiah 66 tells us that we will be keeping Sabbath throughout all eternity.

When I accepted Jesus as Lord and Master of my sexual identity and the 7th commandment, I had to accept Him as Lord and Master in regards to all 10 commandments if I wanted assurance of His sustaining grace regarding that 7th one. Therefore, I am a 7th-day Sabbath keeper in harmony with the 4th commandment, and, by God’s grace, an EX-Gay in harmony with the 7th one…!

Now, moving on… There are several principles that really helped me in dealing with my same sex attractions as a new Christian 20 years ago. (By the way, I’ve been married now for 19 years and have two beautiful children, 17 and 15.)

1) I learned that temptation is not sin and should not be allowed to define who I am. Why? Because Jesus was tempted in all points like as me, yet without sin! (See Hebrews 4)

2) No matter how strong the temptation, attraction, desire, tendency, etc., it really doesn’t matter. Why? Because Jesus, too, suffered (struggled) being tempted…, in all points like as me… (See Hebrews 2)

3) In fact, even if that struggle should be relentless, it’s still OK. Why? Because Jesus resisted unto blood striving against sin. (See Hebrews 12) And Jesus is not only our Saviour FROM sin (Matthew 1:21), He’s also our example in life. The very term “Christian” means follower of Christ, a disciple of Christ, one who follows the discipline and lifestyle of Jesus Christ, one who takes up the cross of Christ in temptation and in persecution. So, that means that we face temptation head on, no matter how much the struggle, even to the point of choosing to die rather than sin if necessary, even as Jesus did and as did millions of martyrs throughout the dark ages and beyond. When faced with temptation, we should say as did Joseph, “How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?”

4) The Bible advises us to bring every thought into captivity unto the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5) So, I practice “flipping the switch”, “turning the page”, “changing the channel”, “turning my head”, “changing the subject”, etc. when faced by a tempting situation. James advises, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) God does not promise to remove temptation from us. He promises that His grace is sufficient for us. “Grace”, by the way, is defined in the Greek dictionary as “the divine influence working upon the heart and reflecting in the life.” In other words, “Divine, omnipotent, transforming power.” Isn’t that great?!

5) Another thing to remember is this, you may have been converted some time ago. But I can assure you that the devil has not…? So…?! Well, he will continue doing what he has always done best, and that is to tempt, to deceive, to lure, to entice, to destroy. Our only hope is to continue in Jesus Christ, daily submitting to His will for our lives, making an entire surrender of the will regardless of our tendencies, attractions, desires, etc. In fact, the apostle Paul counsels us to “Present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service.” (Paraphrased from Romans 12:1) And, “His commandments are not grievous.” (1 John 5) Paul goes on to say in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” This simply means that the new birth consists of having, (or developing), new motives, new tastes, and new tendencies; and that a genuine conversion changes both hereditary and cultivated tendencies to wrong. I have practiced over the past 20 years starving the old self and feeding the new, the self I want to be…, the self like Jesus Christ.

I hope these thoughts will give you something to chew upon and much encouragement.

All Power to you, my friend!

“Victor J. Adamson”