“That Kind Can Never Change!” is a book by Victor J Adamson that explores one man’s struggle to overcome his homosexuality.

International Speaker

Victor J Adamson is an international speaker, spreading the message of overcoming homosexuality all over the world.


“Exploding the Gay Myth” is an audio recording of Victor J Adamson’s conversion story, with an intro by Doug Batchelor.

Victor J Adamson

Victor J Adamson

Welcome to Victor J., a help site for homosexuals, their families and friends.

Do you have a son or daughter, a brother or sister, or a special loved one of any relation or of no relation who is Gay – Homosexual? Is your loved one out there wandering in the Valley of the Lost Sheep, wondering “Why me?” Are you yourself, perhaps, struggling with the Homosexual Orientation, or with some other besetting sin or addiction in your own life? And, as a result, are you wavering in your own personal relationship with Christ, your Creator and Savior?

The purpose of this Web Site is to share with you what Christ has done in my own personal life to save me from a downward spiral that was leading me in this life to ultimate destruction, and, even worse, to eternal destruction rather than life everlasting.

It is my prayer that at least some portion of my personal testimony, and the ministry of this Web Site, may help you, or someone you know, avoid some of the pitfalls that I have experienced through many years of living “the gay life.” If my testimony is able to help even one person come to know Christ more fully and to accept Him without reservation as the Answer to the Homosexual Orientation problem, or the problem of any other besetting sin or addiction, then the mission of this Web Site has been accomplished.

As an Ex-Gay, a former Homosexual, it is my endeavor to help others through my own personal experience to understand the homosexual, to have love and compassion for him/her, and, most of all, to show that through the grace of God there is hope, blessed hope, for his redemption from the lifestyle which I now believe to be so out of harmony with God’s purpose for the creation of man and woman in the very beginning.

In facing eternal realities, I have come to realize that though the gay life may be “gay” at times, it promises no lasting, genuine love, joy, or peace. On the contrary, it is fraught with much anxiety, fear, confusion, frustration, suspicion, depression, and despair. Neither does it offer one the assurance of being able to face an all-loving, merciful, yet perfectly just God in the Day of Judgment.

His invitation to you today, dear friend, is, “Come now, and let us reason together.” It is only reasonable to go to Him for the final word on the Gay issue. After all, it is He who holds your eternal destiny in His hands. He loves you unconditionally and has only your best interest in mind. For He created you to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled in this life, as well as in the life to come.

“Before I formed thee in the belly,” says He, “I knew thee.”

Give Him a chance, won’t you? What do you have to lose? Nothing. What do you have to gain? Everything. Remember, Father really does know best.

Victor J. Adamson

Who is Victor J Adamson?

Victor J. Adamson (Pen Name) is presently a writer, pastor, radio evangelist, and international speaker.

Thinking himself to have been born gay, and, therefore, with no alternative but to give in to the orientation of his heritage, he spent many years immersed in the gay lifestyle. But that life appearing on the surface to be so “gay” was wrought with much loneliness, heartache, confusion, frustration, and despair.

Today, after a determined struggle to understand and to overcome his homosexuality, Victor J. Adamson lives a totally new life filled with purpose, genuine love, joy, and peace. No longer walking in confusion, frustration, and despair, he lives a full and productive life as a husband and father.

It is his desire to draw from his own life and experience to show others how they, too, can be made whole.

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